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Inmoji ICE is the most engaging way to interact with friends on your favorite messaging apps. Discover and share music, videos, products, locations, concerts, movies and more, anytime, anywhere. Every Inmoji icon clicks to something exciting and unique so download and start tapping today! Inmoji ICE works with apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Telegram, Kakao Talk and more.

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Innovation in messaging starts here.

Inmoji is empowering a new generation of consumers by providing interactive tools for enhancing digital lifestyles. As billions of consumers are connecting on messaging apps worldwide, Inmoji is improving the way we communicate and how we interact organically with messaging technology. Inmoji creates significant new revenue opportunities for messaging applications, while creating authentic relationships between people and brands.

We are Inmoji


[in-moh-jee] noun

Inmoji are "powered" clickable icons that enable users to share their favorite brands, products, and experiences directly within messaging apps. Simply tap an Inmoji to access content without ever leaving the message.

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Inmoji enables peer-to-peer monetization for messaging applications.

Inmoji generates revenue for messaging platforms and enhances brand engagement by connecting consumers with their favorite brands through in-message clickable icons called "Inmoji".

Inmoji is an innovative and exciting technology that revolutionizes how apps monetize their audiences.

— David Chang, COO, PayPal Media Network

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Meet the Team

Michael Africk

Michael Africk

CEO, Co-Founder

Perry Tell

Perry Tell

COO, Co-Founder

Jarrod McLean

Jarrod McLean


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